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ting wiki-net, explained The day-page-set for summaries of online editing jam sessions in real-time to write text about ~ the wiki-net
Read the page ting wiki-net without explanations.

The day-page-set ting wiki-net contains an inclusion of summaries of online editing sessions to write text about ~ the wiki-net held in real-time on MeetingWords - ting wiki-net MeetingWords - ting wiki-net. The url for the ting wiki-net page is

MeetingWords runs the open source EtherPad software.

A ting is an online real-time editing jam session using a collab-editor software. Such is EtherPad, others are gobby and MoonEdit. There are as many cursors on the page as participants in the ting. Everybody can write, correct or delete text wherever on the page. Collab-editors work in real-time, only milliseconds pass until a keystroke is reflected on all screens of the connected participants. The resulting text of a ting or worthwhile parts of it are copied right after the session into a page in the ‘wiki-net’ for archiving and non-simultaneous reworking. The ting is summarized on a day-page ting wiki-net possibly immediately or at least the day after the jam.

Topic proposals are welcome and recommended for tings. Just don’t be shirty when the tingers spontaneously start to paint a new ascii logo together or similar instead of writing about the proposed topic. Tings do have their very own dynamics sometimes.

When joining a ting choose a background color for your contributions.

As the background colors are lost when copying text from MeetingWords to wiki it proved useful to prefix your major postings during the ting with two letters you choose for yourself, colon, space. For example:

ma: Contributed text …

The simultaneous use of the audio and video capabilities of tinychat - wiki-net tinychat - wiki-net - included into the page tiny chat wiki-net - during a ting session or parts of it might be worth a try.

The day-page-set ting wiki-net provides the ting-wiki-net-feed ting-wiki-net-feed. It is included below.

The page ting wiki-net includes the day-page-set internally of the [[oddmuse?]] wiki software without using the feed. It updates instantly. You do not need to force a refresh to make sure to read the latest version of the page.

The ting-wiki-net-feed is included into the pages:

Which tings do we watch? Who is watching the tings about the wiki-net? See the wiki-net tings.

Some history:
The ancient things - ting is the Scandinavian spelling, see en-wikipedia - thing (assembly) - have been the council assemblies of the Vikings and Germanians ~ 1200 years ago. As they had no written language back then we had no spoken language when starting up modern time tinging in 2005 (see s23-wiki - ting-wiki). Today however we can additionally fire up the tinychat wiki-net. Time travels fast.
The Danish and Norwegian parliaments of today are called Folketing and Storting = ting of the people and big ting. The English word thing originates from tings. It means ~ something the assembly has decided upon. The ancient tings were held in the open and at day-time only. Therefore the German parliament of today is called Bundestag and the Swedish parliament Riksdag (day = Tag = dag).

You absolutely do n o t have to be European to ting. This is a global affair and just a proposal! There’s even a Jamaican soft drink called ting.


The Icelandic alþing in session, as imagined in the 1870s by British artist W. G. Collingwood

edit the day-page ting wiki-net for today edit the day-page ting wiki-net for today

Inclusion of the ting-wiki-net-feed ting-wiki-net-feed:

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