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2009-03-29 Talk

European RegioWikiCamp? 2009

from September 25..27. in Furtwangen, Germany

BarCamp? style (open, no fee, no paid talks)

no website available yet, but an open early bird registration: http://www.regiowiki.eu/rwc09/earlybirdregister.html

2007-06-14 Talk

The universal edit button to the right is preliminary. The community has not decided yet. It will be adapted when the decision is finally taken.

2007-05-17 Talk

It seems I need to add more content to be accepted by the spam bot preventer. Let’s try this… Mattis, … nice to have found it :-) Best, MarkDilley

ahh screw it, not working….



Hi Mark. Some contents apart of spam couldn’t really hurt. Don’t exaggerate. ;)

What does not work?

Greetz to RoCoCo, have fun everybody.

2007-02-09 Talk

The wiki-camp-center was started

The picture for the banner is from here. An Algerian camp, maybe military, pretty likely not “wiki”. It’s just to put something. We’ll find a better one. 1280 x 192 px, please.

It might be nice to change the banner here and now, maybe using fotos from recent wiki-camps. Like a monthly calendar, I mean. And on [OldBanners? old banners] we archive them. How about that?

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