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The [[software-bazaar-wiki?]] is a wiki to talk about what sorts of software you wish programmers would develop.

What do you want? SoftwarePeopleWant.

What can you do here? WeLoveVolunteers?.

table of contents

About the software-bazaar-wiki, created 2005-01-10

see AboutSoftwareBazaarWiki

ideas for the next new improved version of the SoftwareBazaar

See SoftwareBazaarSoftware


2014-03-27 Face

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face [[odd-wiki-hive_-_software-bazaar-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]


The [[software-bazaar-wiki?]] makes part of the kabo-wiki-hive - whoRthey-wiki - one big soup [[one_big_soup?]].

2014-03-20 Face

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face [[odd-wiki-hive_-_software-bazaar-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]

some kind of …

The [[software-bazaar-wiki?]] seems to be undergoing some kind of an integration into the inner wiki-net currently ;)

Click the page face face or the eyebrows above to see our earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.

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