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Welcome to the SocialSynergy wiki-node!

What are wiki-nodes?

See also AnatomyofaWikiNode.

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Sam, don’t feel run over, please, I like your wiki-node engagement a lot. But I’m looking for a link-language for all wikilandia and thus have been changing some of your writing. Look: MetaCollab WikiNode and - as I’d do it - meta-collab-wiki: wiki-node. The words meta, collaboratiom, wiki and node are all small-case in English and the different color the link has is enough to point out its importance. Big case is doubling information. We have to strip double information to achieve readability and - clear throught - beauty. Recently there are coming up wiki-nodes by themselves and I fear the idea getting diluted more and more as the spelling on them is mostly the “old” one, the one from book-printing times when getting a different color was very expensive. Not so on a computer screen. I explained to Mark about it before on oddwiki-center: clean linking. What I actually dream about is writing a plain “oddwiki-center: clean linking” and the engine turns it into a link, having “oddwiki-center: clean linking” in a data-base, comparing the text to be saved to it and do it automatically as I vagely explained on community-wiki: editable titles. That’s a.) far from now, b.) possible, c.) someone has to start with it - or else we are keeping to cook dozens of soups instead of one big one.

Mattis, the wiki-node part of each Wiki is actually a good place to demonstrate [CleanLinking? clean linking]. So, I’ll be sure to use it here (and in other wiki-node pages). – SamRose


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