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The recent talk on this wiki

Our talk is a set of day-pages. What is a day-page?

To add to the talk click add to today's talk.
Or click a day in the talk-calendar or the date / time on top of a day-entry to open the page. If not yet in edit-mode go to edit this page to the right.

The talk / wider calendar provides a wider view. The full calendar gives access to all day-pages.


2007-05-04 19h10 Talk

Migration to the diki-wiki-hive soon

The sand-diki will soon migrate to the


We need DikiWiki:EnDikiCenter/Talk so we can talk about diki.

2007-05-04 12h22 Talk

The mother page of a day-page set has “Pages” in the end of the CamelCase? title (or - like in French - in the beginning of it: PagesBavardage?. Both variations can be searched for, see DayPageSandWiki:DayPageSets).

When I made the sand-diki last year that hadn’t been clear to me yet. FirstDikiPage consequently now turned FirstDikiPagePages in CamelCase?. It is first diki-page in [CleanLinking? clean linked] spelling.

2007-05-04 11h31 Talk

Ok, FullChanges. The full contents of all recent contributions to all day-page sets on this wiki, the youngest on top. Let’s see.

2007-05-03 23h19 Talk

That’s one good thing about wikis. You can come back after a while and they still work.

diki-hive - someone has another idea?

2006-11-25 11h08 Talk

MattisManzel: The pink “edit talk” link in the GotoBar doesn’t work yet.

2006-10-18 14h06 Talk


 Pink http://oddwiki.org/odd/SandDiki?

in the InterMap still misses


2006-10-12 08h49 Talk

MattisManzel: Folded the overloaded bars to the right and on top into special.


2006-10-04 08h27 Talk

MattisManzel: Alex, it looks like I need a new line for “journal” to apend the time-stamped day-pages in the sequence dddd-dd-dd_00h00_DayPageSetName?. I tried around a bit but didn’t accidentially hit the right name.

 <journal 30 "^\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d_\dh\d_Blog">

ain’t it at least.

problem solved with

2006-10-03 21h51 Talk

MattisManzel: Gotta find back into the ideas from spring written down here, it was all very raw back then. I’ve still got this feeling of a big potential behind having a feed for every single contribution to a wiki and a precise time-stanp in the title of the page it’s stored on. It’s being able to “remix” the entire stream-of-contiousnes that blows over the bending crop-field of wikilandia.

Alex, this behaves strange here. Trying to save as it is now above, I get bearbeiten verboten. Inserting a blanc line in it I can save it, I can even remove the blanc line afterwards. Single paragraph contributions on first save should be possible ;) … I understand “Use more than one line” now. Completely knocked me off. I understand better about “bleeding-edge”, too.

2006-05-21 11h36 Talk

Mattis I like the Alex TalkPages.

talk with categories

How about talking of any TagTalkPage? ? Just a TalkPage? adding automatically some tags imported from any user/community TagCloud? ? – ChristopheDucamp

2006-05-19 07h36 Talk

MattisManzel: Note that the current fact that new entries here still add on top changes the behavior. Xtof said hello and to answer on it I wrote on the same time-stamped day-page. I naturally wanted to add my text below xtofs text. I would have used the add present talk function if it would have been at the end and that’s the idea: every contribution on a single page.

Every contributribution on a single page. Sounds funny, I admit. Sounds as if things get more complicated and as if performance’d slow down. I dont’t know, but something tells me that it’s just the other way around. This is like a “section edit”.

You don’t have to search endless wiki-pages in edit mode anymore to find the bloody typo you are willing to fix.

About traffic: It transfers some data to read the page. Just as if it would be all on one single wiki-page. Maybe a little more as it’s constructed from several pages now. But when I edit it: isn’t it far less data to transfer? A small page if I write something new or a small page if I correct something on somebody else’s contribution instead of the whole long wiki-page? Hm, I wonder.

Answer on a single page, please. even if it feels strange and still adds on the top.

Some ideas:

When I want to edit the existing tread-mode (not when I want to add a new day-page to it and neither when I want to edit the basic wiki-page - which is document-mode only, remember) I have to click twice instead of once. I have to open the time-stamped day-page and click edit. Maybe we could insert edit into the header of the time-stamped day-pages to be able to edit them directly?

The three orange


They should be at the end of today’s talk, above yesterday’s talk. Best would be if add talk would also be there. If there is a lot of talk, scrolling up to find add talk is annoying.

Imagine page collection for 2006-05-18 with


add talk

at the end and you’ve got.

ooo - thinking goes on on oddwiki-hive: 2006-05-20.

2006-05-18 19h41 Talk

xtof: Bonjour Mattis, currently trying to understand the diki-concept !

MattisManzel: cool.

xtof :trying to understant the Test in french !

2006-05-18 18h06 Talk

MattisManzel: The point is that later posts should add at the end of a day - but they still add on top. Only new days should add on top.

But it looks like it should be possible to make it work.

It allready works fine in the page collection for 2006-05-18 <== click here in case you see later entries on top!

2006-05-18 18h00 Talk

MattisManzel: Alright, we have it half-ways up and running, but only half ways. See the first diki-page.


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