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face friends odd-list-wiki

Mµblogging messages by friends of the user account for the odd-list-wiki on
Read the page [[identi.ca_friends_odd-list-wiki,_explained?]].

This page contains an inclusion of the Mµs from the user account - odd-list-wiki [[identi.ca_-_odd-list-wiki?]] and its friends. It is included into the page [[odd-list-wiki_and_friends?]]. To update it force a refresh, please. returned no data, or LWP::UserAgent is not available.

This page contains an inclusion of the recent 30 Mµs from the user account [[identi.ca_-_odd-list-wiki?]] and its friends. To see the complete history click the [[soup_group_-_identi.ca_odd-list-wiki_and_friends?]] and scroll down to the end of the page.

Define external redirect: soup group - odd-list-wiki and friends odd-list-wiki and friends friends odd-list-wiki, explained - odd-list-wiki