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face The day-page-set for the face of the odd-list-wiki
Read the page face, explained.

The face of which wikis do we watch? Who is watching the face of the odd-list-wiki? See the wiki-net faces wiki-net faces.

edit the day-page face for today edit the day-page face for today

2013-01-22 Face

odd-wiki-hive - odd-list-wiki

face [[odd-wiki-hive_-_odd-list-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]+[xx]-

The odd-list-wiki has a face

The “administrative” wikis in the odd-wiki-hive are the main wiki called [[odd-wiki-hive?]] and the [[odd-list-wiki?]]. The latter is a namespace in the main wiki like the other odd-wikis are. All odd-wikis (namespaces) are listed on the page all wikis.

The odd-list-wiki aggregates the odd-wikis on pages like all faces, all soups, all talk etc. It is good for technical and hive internal stuff.

The main wiki is multilingual. It is good for representing the odd-wiki-hive in the internet.

Both parts of the dual core wiki the odd-wiki-hive consists of have a page face:

  • [[odd-list-wiki_-_face?]]
  • [[odd-wiki-hive_-_face?]]

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