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Proprietary software in use in the Mattis-Manzel-wiki

Free software comes with the source code - it’s open source. It can be studied, changed and distributed freely and it remains free. Free as in free speech, not as in free beer. Proprietary software is worthless to programmers because they neither have access to the source code nor do they have the right to improve it. Proprietary software doesn’t fly right. It’s much like capitalism, the notion of greed is hardcoded into it.


Many of the web-services in use in the Mattis-Manzel-wiki are based on free software. A few are not but are still very popular. We use them but we do prefer freedom.

Proprietary software is used on the pages:

Plain free software in use is:

By the way:
Your computer runs on a proprietary operation system if sold to you by:

Your computer runs on a free operation system if given to you at no cost by:

Read more on the page en-wikipedia - free software, please.

To try out a free operation system on your computer (legally!) download the appropriate .iso file from, burn a CD or prepare an usb-stick from the file and boot your computer from the CD or the usb-stick.

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