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The language-simple-center-wiki is a center-wiki for wikis about simplified written languages.

You find wikis about simplified written languages on our wiki-list.

The idea is:

This wiki is multilingual. Properly Babel. Currently traditional English is the working language here. But feel free to create pages in whatever language, please. Say it in your language rather than not saying it at all.

Read aggregated information about the language-simple-center-wiki on en-odd-center-wiki -language-simple-center-wiki.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki-instructions in it.

Take a look at the messages from odd-wiki before writing, please.


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2007-09-10 Face

odd-wiki-hive  / language-simple-center-wiki

odd-wiki-hive / language-simple-center-wiki: face the rss-feed for the face of the language-simple-center-wiki

The language-simple-center-wiki has been set up as a center-wiki for wikis about simplified written languages in 2007-01

The wikis for simplified written languages are written entirely in the respective simplified language which isn’t too simple to write in at the very beginning. ;)
Thus: To talk about simplified written languages in traditional English and - explicitly - also in other traditional languages and to coordinate the efforts to simplify all written languages we use the language-simple-center-wiki.

See our wiki-list for wikis about simplified written languages.

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