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2009-06-20 Talk

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On google profiles - city-wiki-center you find back our external links. All feeds for the city-wiki-center are included into google reader - city-wiki-center.

2009-05-05 Talk

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two twitter accounts per wiki

The Richmond-wiki (on the page RichmondWiki you find the inclusions) provides two twitter-feeds. One for the recent changes and one with notes about the wiki. This is a good idea. What I might do is forward the feed for the page face into a second twitter account. There should be a short summary (best the page summary itself) as text followed by the link to the respective day-page face. Hmm. Following the twitter account for the face of a wiki is less voluminous, who wants more can follow the regular twitter account twitter - city-wiki-center including our soup. That applies for identi.ca accounts as well.

2008-09-25 Talk

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odd-wiki-hive - city-wiki-center - talk talk-feed

Hallo Mattis,

toll die Idee, die Wikis zu vernetzen. Kannst Du bitte unser Stadtwiki auch mit einstellen? Es ist gerade ein Jahr alt geworden.


(Strausberg, Deutschland)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hans-Joachim Karl

[[Mattis_Manzel?]], 2008-09-26:
Wird gemacht, Hans-Joachim. Etwas Geduld bitte, da momentan fieberhaftes wiki-net Gebastel vorgeht. Siehe die [[eine_grosse_Suppe?]]. Das city-wiki-center kommt auch bald in die [[Suppe?]].

Moved here from 2008-07-11 WebSiteList:

I’m a bit confused about how to edit this site. I want to add a wiki listing for North Minneapolis, MN http://northminneapolis.wikispaces.com

Thanks for the hint to the North-Minneapolis-wiki, a bit of patience please. I hadn’t seen your edit until today being pretty busy with the wiki-net. Sorry.

Ciào :)


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