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city-wiki ting

Online editing sessions in real time of text related to city-wikis

We use a page in EtherPad? to work in real time on topics related to city-wikis.

EtherPad - city-wiki ting EtherPad - city-wiki ting

The easy-to-remember url for the city-wiki ting page is


A ting is an online-session in a collab-editor program. The resulting text or worthwhile parts of it is copied soon after the ting into a wiki page for non-simultaneous reworking.

When joining a ting choose a background color for your text contributions.

As the background colors are lost when copying text from EtherPad to wiki it proved useful to prefix major postings with two letters you choose for yourself, colon, space. For example:

ma: Contributed text …

Read more about tings on the page [['wiki-net'_-_wiki-net_ting?]].

There’s a click tracker tiny.cc/citywikiting. The original address for the city-wiki ting page is http://etherpad.com/srJOQ2wUl9.

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